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Easily show only the navigation that you want on a particular page.
NavHelper provides an easy way to tidy up naviation & hide up to 20 navigation links, hide sub levels and supporting elements and even hides all navigation if you want.


Allow visitors to easily rate your products & services.
Rate-It provides a simple 5-star rating with automatic vote counts, automated star rating updates, multiple vote protection, no database setup required and more...

rwBackup App

Protect all of your design files by backing them up offsite to your own webhost servers.  Create automated backups and easily setup the files & folders to upload.  rwBackup offers a unique backup set solution to keep all your files safe & sound.


Allow visitors to search for and show content that interests them.
Searcher provides a powerful and easy to use search feature, capable of searching across your ENTIRE site using auto-generated selection choices or custom search images, smooth animation, initial hidden content option and the ability to place the controller & searchable content anywhere and more...


Are you looking for a way to format your webpage printouts?  PrintMe provides options for a print button and/or a print prompt in the navigation, a page title, page info text area & custom css control.


Are you looking for a quick way to count your content?  Counter allows you to get instant feedback on the current character or word count of a stack.  It even offers entire page counts of custom keywords.  Great for SEO purposes.


Are you looking for a little bit of help with headings?  Header Helper allows you to easily apply changes to h1-h6 headings.  Edit almost any kind of characteristic for headings there is, including Google fonts.  It can even ignore headings you don't want changed.


Showing the world what you offer is important to everyone.  Marquee allows you to easily create a professional panel layout of your product & service offerings.  Create up to five responsive panels with custom areas for Title, Currency, Price, Tagline, Signup Button, a custom list of all your Features and a Sliding Info Panel for even more opportunities.


Are you looking to create 3D text on your pages?
ViewPoint allows you to easily set up eye-catching 3-D text.
Build text that dynamically follows your movements, or pops out at you on interaction or even text that can be viewed in perspective.  Use web-safe or Google fonts and it's mobile responsive as well.


Are you looking to create stylish elements on your page?
InitialisPro allows you to easily create stunning cap styles.  Start your paragraphs with a custom letter, Google font or Font Awesome icon, choose from three major caps styles, assign border and shadow styles, lay in a background image and position everything and the body text to your heart's content and there's lots more...

Image ReSize

Image ReSize is a incredibly useful stack that gives your visitors the ability to view a larger image while still in the page.  It smoothly resizes the image, handles floated images and manages all of the surrounding text, titles and captions.  It's a must-have stack for your toolbox that even provides drop-in, resource & warehouse image solutions with lots of additional options.


Are you looking for a way to track links?  LinkTracker allows you to understand traffic either to a link or to a download file.  It can track an unlimited number of links throughout your site.  It provides a count screen in Edit mode, showing the path to each target, clicks for each link and a handy timestamp to show when the first click happened.

Holiday Gift

Are you looking for a holiday splash screen layout?  Holiday Gift allows you to create a unique holiday stack of gifts.  It even provides custom message areas and Google font options.


Are you looking to animate your words today?  LetterSlide allows you to create dynamic letters or words that slides in and out when you mouse over them.  You can create text characteristics that match your site by varying the animation delay, speed, easing, direction and even more.  It even provides custom linking and Google font options.


Are you looking for an easy way to create price lists?
ListMate allows you to create cool lists with a dynamic leaders between the titles and price.  It even provides an optional menu title, subprices and international currency layout.

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