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Here are some activities to add to your PR agenda and get the word out to media and key target audiences.

Offer Current Info & News

Send out press releases and announcements on a monthly basis with your current contact information. This will help to remind key audiences and media members that you are doing business and have great news, information and success stories to share.

When you contact media members with targeted pitches make sure to review and add current information about your business products, services and update targeted landing links to your web site on a regular basis. You want site visitors and the media to know that you are aware of current industry trends and news and that your company is active. Plus, you want to convey a feeling of credibility and expertise to new visitors and regular customers. An easy way to connect with relevant reporters is on Twitter. Many journalists are on there.


Attend pertinent club meetings, events and presentations in your local area. Tell people about your products and services, and share your passion for your business.

Volunteer to speak about your industry at various organizational and community events. Not only will you get in front of your target audience, but you may be quoted as a speaker in a local paper. Reporters usually cover important community events so if you are a part of the activities, you significantly increase your chances of getting some free publicity. And even if press members do not attend, you will build some valuable, business relationships through networking.

Learn to sell yourself "around your product." Let's say you sell soap and that is probably not interesting. But if you are a cleanliness expert who happens to also sell soap, you will be more appealing in the eyes of your audience.

Be Available

Make it as easy as possible for clients and media members to know the products, services and expertise you have to offer. Don't forget to provide current contact information so that they know how to get in touch with you at deadline time. And above all else, "smile" when you answer the phone. A gruff voice, a "what do you want" attitude or a defensive tone is not going to go over well.

Keep Your Eyes Open

As your business grows, regularly look for good customer case studies, innovations, financial and employee growth stories and unique information that you can turn into a new story, event or announcement.

If you follow these guidelines, you will start hearing from interested parties. Be sure to respond to their requests quickly and provide appropriate photos, documents and information when requested. Then, you'll need to wait.

Don't get discouraged if your audience doesn't reply immediately or your quote or business mention is cut from a story. Due to late-breaking news, editorial changes, or other business situations out of your control, this is just part of the publicity process. But if your story is published or you get a good referral, be sure to send a thank you to help build your relationship.

If you make the effort to reach out to the right people with the right messages, soon you will see the "power of PR" work for your business!

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Marketing Checkpoints

Looking to boost you business in the new year? Check out these checkpoints for successful small business marketing.

Personal Branding

Personal branding opens doors. Tell your own story that's authentic and genuine. This positions you and gives you a platform to speak with confidence. If the words sound unnatural to you, or you come across as a faceless company person, scrap the message and start all over again. Everyone has a passion. Share yours though your marketing media.

Be Real

Humanity always wins. People will always associate with people who are doing things they like. Mood tracking creates opportunities. Dig deeper to find out what people really think about your brand. This will maximize the benefit you derive from your word of mouth marketing and enable you to enhance your brand.

The Right Audience

Measurement needs to be tempered with sound judgement. Pick your audience - the right audience. It's better to reach the right 1,000 individuals than to reach the wrong one million. Can you say spam, anyone?


Accidental spokespeople own your brand and they will talk about your brand. You can't choose who loves you and you shouldn't try. Do try to bring these spokespeople together and get them talking to each other. This will only amplify the positive impression of your brand.


Once again, the tools are not the most important element. Whether you use social media, create a blog or have a Web site, it's your engagement in the medium that matters. Pay attention to what you communicate and, as a smart listener, to what's being said about you. Most online mediums will keep you in touch with current happenings and the mood of your customers.

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