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Welcome to the debut of the Business to Business (b2b) newsletter blog. It has been created as a place where business strategies can be discussed and where information is offered about how to have a successful business.

Notice the tagline "Sharing Insights" - I hope this will be a valuable source for people in business to read, comment and offer opinions on subjects in which you have an interest and/or experience.

Look to the bottom right corner of each post for the "Comments" link and click it. Enjoy !

What's Hot - What's Not

Discussion articles will be posted on a weekly basis. To shape what topics are important, please review the business subjects listed:

  • Business Plan Development
  • Business Model: home-based, storefront(brick and mortar), e-Commerce, franchising, licensing products, multi-level marketing
  • Business Structure: sole proprietor, limited liability, partnership, corporation
  • Funding: bootstrapping, bank loan, friends and family, angel investors, venture capitalists, grants, factoring
  • Business Assets: website adress, trademarks, copyrights, patents, branding, confidentiality agreements, contracts
  • Strategic Planning: research and strategy, marketing materials, sales techniques
  • Marketing: newsletter, direct mail, online social networks, website, online advertising, search engine marketing, public relations, affiliate marketing, networking, billboards, magazines, newspapers, tv, radio, collateral promotional pieces
  • Cash Flow Analysis & Financial Projections
  • Logistics: accounting, legal services, insurance, banking, website development, information technology, merchant accounts, travel, real estate
  • Team Building: finding stars, retention, mentoring
  • Branding: purpose, personality, ultimate promise
  • Contracts & Bids
  • Controlling Inventory: product mix, contribution analysis
  • Buying & Selling a Business

Select the poll button below to comment and make suggestions on topics which you are most interested.

Thanks - Bill
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